A Career in Early Childhood Education

In early childhood care and education, teachers have a dual task of educating while continuing to nurture children in their first years. Children learn more in the first five years of their lives than they do at any other time. Miss Heather discussed this topic on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

It is important for children in daycare and childcare programs to feel as safe as they do at home. There is no other way to promote learning in children than to make them feel loved and secure in every environment.

The field of early education is not only an emotionally rewarding career, but it is a great stepping stone for those seeking to teach at any age. Witnessing the fundamental learning styles of infants, toddlers and the curious preschoolers can help a teacher form their own foundations for any age group.

It is not just what happens in the classroom, either. There are many careers out there that seek to better the lives of young children, and working in a classroom is just the start.

The field is constantly looking for dedicated individuals who wish to gain experience in the care industry. Early childcare is as rewarding to the teacher as it is to the child. If you have an inner passion for working with young children and making a difference in their lives, then maybe early childhood is the right career for you!

The following skills are desired in someone looking to pursue a career in early education:

Team player

Highly motivated

Eager to learn new things

Willing to go above and beyond and do what’s right

Demonstrates patience

Has the ability to be flexible, and “go with the flow”

Willing to think outside the box

High level of problem solving skills

Eager to have fun while at work!

If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field:

•Be sure you have the knowledge – seek guidance from our local colleges right here in RI

•Become familiar with organizations such as BrightStars, RIDE, DCYF, Exceed, and CELP

•Attend local early childhood education events

Research high quality programs throughout the state.

This article was written by Heather Grocott, Director of Education and Training at The Children’s Workshop in Lincoln, RI.